You get to shoot a lot of different targets from a lot of different angles and distances.
Larry Farrow
Are you ready for the challenge?

The teaching tool that gives total control to the instructor

We know it is a challenge to teach your students to adjust to new shooting instances or real hunting situations. Teaching must be a gradual process both in time and level of difficulty, and coaches should have the tools to tailor target angles and distances to their students' needs. For this we have created a new shooting discipline called Maze Clays! So ask your club now to demo Maze Clays and see for yourself.

New opportunity

Gives a large number of sporting clays instructors the opportunity to have a setup for teaching.

Tailored for teaching.

Is a flexible tool for instructors to teach wing or sporting clays shooting by adapting the level of challenge. The multitude of target presentations meets the full requirements of a complex lesson.

What shooters say about Maze Clays
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