You get to shoot a lot of different targets from a lot of different angles and distances.
Larry Farrow
Are you ready for the challenge?

Maze Clays gives you Sporting Clays presentations for a fraction of the price

Ask your club to demo the new Maze Clays clay target shooting game, and enjoy different target presentations for each shooting round at a conveniently low price. And if you are new to this hobby or a decorated pro, you will find Maze Clays can be tailored to satisfy your needs.

Masters and beginners.

The concept and the setup of the game can satisfy a large spectrum of shooters, from beginners to elite.

Exciting challenges.

The target presentations are various and can be extremely challenging.

Always new and exciting.

Using the same setup, each round can be different regarding the target presentations and the combinations in doubles.

Any gun.

The shooters can use any type of guns or gauges.

Requires strategy.

Challenges the shooters to formulate a shooting strategy in order to win.

How Maze Clays is shot

For rules and details please go to the Maze Clays page.

What shooters say about Maze Clays
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