You get to shoot a lot of different targets from a lot of different angles and distances.
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What's great about Maze Clays

Maze Clays is a new shotgun discipline that offers Sporting Clays and FITASC target presentations on a Skeet/Trap or Open field. This is possible by using a Mobile Support System or MSS (patented) that carries the release buttons (wired or wireless setup) from 6 to 9 traps and a dual safety screen to any place on the field.

As a result, the shooter can shoot in safe conditions on each station (9) upon target presentations launched by the 6 to 9 traps in varying range (10 to 60 yards) and angles (sharp to wide). Maze clays meets the expectations of the most demanding shooters as well as beginners and sub gauge shooters.

Maze Clays was created by Andrei and Bill V. Erdoss and was officially launched at the 2006 Las Vegas SHOT Show.

How Maze Clays is shot
Maze Clays rules

Uses specific rules (to be posted) as well as standard clay shooting rules.

Specific rules:

Maze Clays can be played recreationally or competitively:

The creators of Maze Clays

Maze Clays was developed by Bill V. Erdoss, Olympic shooting coach, and Andrei Erdoss, National Romanian Runner Up in Junior Olympic Skeet.

Andrei and Bill Erdoss Bill V. Erdoss

A member of the Romanian National and Olympic Shotgun teams during the 1972-1976 period, Bill V. Erdoss was Romanian National Champion at Skeet, Trap and FITASC. Bill founded the Atlanta Junior International Skeet and Trap Club Team. Since emigrating to USA, he coached multiple US National Team Members and Medal holders including:

He completed the Shotgun Shooting Coach Certification Program in 1978, at the Sport University in Bucharest, Romania.
See his profile on Shotgun Coach.

Andrei Erdoss

Andrei Erdoss is a National Romanian Runner Up in Junior Olympic Skeet, and used to participate in numerous shooting competitions before coming to the United States. He currently works at a social media marketing company.

What shooters say about Maze Clays
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